Employment Form

  • (Please do this even though you may not be handling financial matters in the performance of your job)
  • Name and Address

  • Position Desired

  • Work Schedule

  • What Schedule are you available for? (Include a.m. or p.m.)

  • Employment History

    List the most recent employer or last employer first. Include military service or any selfemployed or unemployment periods. You must account for the past 10 years or since completing school, whichever is shorter. Use additional pages if necessary.
  • Present or Last Employer

  • Past Employer

  • Personal References

    Give names of 2 persons, not relatives or former CAMC employees, who you have known for 5 years or more
  • In Case of Emergency, Notify

  • Conditions of Employment

  • We set high standards for our employees and require compliance with these standards as a condition of employment. You need to carefully consider what will be required before accepting a position with us. As an employee, you would be expected to comply in full. You need to know and understand that we will require you to: !

    • Meet performance standards of position
    • Work hours as scheduled – report to work on time
    • Take direction from supervisors, and execute that direction to the best of your ability
    • Maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude at all times. Be a cooperative member of our team.
    • Train, as needed, to keep a high performance level on your job.
    • Maintain a business-like, professional appearance (dress and grooming)
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