Parasite Prevention


Protecting Your Pet from Harmful Parasites

From fleas and ticks to heartworms and intestinal worms, parasites can cause a range of health issues and even be fatal if left untreated.

At Companion Animal Medical Center, we understand the significant health risks that parasites pose to your pet.

That’s why we prioritize parasite prevention to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.


The Importance of Prevention

Parasites are more than just a nuisance – they can lead to serious health problems for your pet and even pose risks to your family’s health.

By emphasizing prevention, we can successfully protect your pet from the harmful effects of parasites and minimize the risk of infestation.


Cost-Effective Protection

While the cost of prevention may seem minimal compared to the expense and stress of treating parasitic infections, the benefits of prevention far outweigh the risks.

Preventative measures, such as regular parasite screenings and appropriate medications, can help safeguard your pet’s health and save you from costly veterinary bills down the line.


Preventing Heartworm and Beyond

Heartworm disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, is a particularly serious and potentially fatal parasitic infection.

However, with proper prevention measures, such as monthly heartworm preventatives, we can effectively protect your pet from this life-threatening disease and ensure their well-being.

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